York LX Series TM9V Furnace Review

by Rufus on November 17, 2011

York Tax CreditThe York TM9V furnace is definitely one of the best furnaces from the York brand. It surely compares favorably with the high end quality of gas furnaces of the competing brands that are more recognized and approved by the public and homeowners. The gas furnace is very reasonably priced eliminating the need of both the retail and whole sale prices. It only retails at a single discounted price for every buyer/homeowner whether for single furnace or bulk purchases.

York TM9V Furnace Features

York TM9V Price Review

York TM9V Furance Installation

The York TM9V furnace is well researched and developed to give quality, functionality and durability. It is a two-stage heating operation furnace to give very reliable heating of the home for great comfort. This works best for the different temperature seasons but the furnace work on low majority of the time giving reliable heating action. It has an efficiency rating of 96% AFUE that is very good and implies that the furnace is going to give a relative saving on the heating costs of the home. This even earns it an energy star rating. The furnace also has a variable speed blower that gives very consistent heating temperatures therefore enhancing the comfort of home. The blower works by distributing warm air to remove the cold cushions of air. The addition of the humidifier which uses the ClimaTrak technology will work by eliminating high humidity levels and increasing the comfort in the home. The primary heat exchanger is tubular in shape and is made of aluminized steel to increase efficiency and durability.  The Secondary (condensing) heat exchanger is constructed of 29-4C high grade stainless steel to improve on the efficiency. There is the two stage inducer operation. Next is a self diagnostics module that is inbuilt and is there to show a code for faults in function.

A control module is in existence and is well placed to give simplified operation and changing of settings. The electronic hot surface ignition will save on fuel cost increasing reliability of the furnace. The 100% shut off main gas valve is installed for extra safety of the furnace and the home. Other notable features are the availability of heating capacity options that range from 60000 to 120000 Btuh and at each level a unique price is offered. The furnace is compact in size at a height of only thirty three inches and means that the furnace can fit in many spaces in the house inclusive of the basement, alcove and any other that is available in the home. The options for two-pipe installation (sealed combustion) or single pipe vent installation (indoor air combustion) exist. The solid removable bottom panel allows for easy installation and application. All these features are installed and tested in the factory before onward release to the consumer.

York TM9V Price

The York tm9v furnace as earlier stated is very reasonably priced and the average price of the furnace is about $2049. This makes it a good bargain both at purchase and in its operation. The furnace carries a life time warranty on the heat exchangers and a ten year warranty on all the mechanical parts.

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