Trane XC95m Gas Furnace Review

by Rufus on November 11, 2011

The Trane XC95m gas furnace is the finest gas furnace in the XC communicating category. This furnace takes the best of technology of from the Trane Company. This furnace is the most economical due to the high efficiency and the most environmental friendly due to the limited emissions it lets out. The Trane Company is a famous for the reliable and most durable HVAC products.

Trane XC95m Furnace Feature

Trane XC95m PriceThe Trane xc95m gas furnace is top of the range in the market. It cut its own path with the best efficiency at 95% AFUE denoting that the furnace is proficient in fuel consumption. It has been documented that the furnace will reduce the fuel bill by up to 30%. The Comfort Link II technology gives the furnace the communicating ability with all other components of the heating system. It adjusts the properties of the furnace automatically to ensure that performance of is very optimal according to temperature and humidity conditions. This characteristic technology allows the furnace to be coupled with the telephone access module (TAM) that allows the home owner to access the control the settings and function of the furnace from the comfort of the phone.

The technology of also allows you to receive notifications on the phone. The other features that come with the gas furnace are the aluminized steel primary heat exchanger for efficient fuel combustion. Next in line is the AL29-4C secondary heat exchanger also made of steel to provide heat efficiency. The variable speed blower is very silent in operation and ensures that the heated air is distributed throughout the home. The multi-port in-shot burners also aimed for greater efficiency.  The 24 volt fuse offers safeguards all the internal parts of the furnace. The model uses the hot surface igniter made of silicon nitride. The communicating user interface allows simplified and better control. The air filter can be fitted and together with clean effect technology allows for the isolation of dust, pollen and other particles in the air inflow to be heated and later distributed around the house. The furnace also runs on the Comfort-R technology to offer dehumidification. The gas furnace like others in this series has been designed as an up flow application but is convertible to a horizontal application either left or right. The cabinet is made of heavy gauge steel that is tastefully painted to give it a good finish. The cabinet is insulated to make sure very little noise is made from the machine when it is in operation. These characteristics make it superior to the furnaces from rival manufacturers.

Trane XC95m Price

The Trane XC95m gas furnace is slightly more priced than its predecessors in the market but it is all the same worth every single cent spent on it. This is because of the superior technology assuring reliability in function and the savings it will make on the heating bill year in year out. The furnace attracts a price at $2889 as an average of prices out there. This varies on the higher scale when the installation cost is put in the total sum. The warranty on the furnace is a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger and ten year warranty on the working parts.

Trane XC95m Model List

Model Type Tons
TDHMB060ACV3VB Downflow 3
TDHMB080ACV3VA Downflow 3
TDHMC100ACV4VA Downflow 4
TDHMD120ACV5VB Downflow 5
TUHMB060ACV3VA Upflow 3
TUHMB080ACV3VA Upflow 3
TUHMC100ACV4VA Upflow 4
TUHMD120ACV5VA Upflow 5

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