Trane XB80 Gas Furnace Review

by Rufus on November 14, 2011

The Trane XB80 gas furnace is a single-stage gas heating furnace that will deliver comfort for the home. It operates very quietly and with the absence of the blasts of cool air when the furnace is switched on at the beginning of the heating cycle. The delivery of comfort and efficiency has been the standard from the Trane brand and has been the result of extensive research and development of technology that has proved to be a leader in the heating and cooling industry. Therefore, you have all the confidence by going for the Trane brand.

Trane XB80 Furnace Features

Trane XB80 Price Review

Trane XB80 Furnace Construction

The Trane XB80 gas furnace has features that have been built to last the test of time. In actual sense this gas furnace has been built to last an average twenty years providing efficient heating performance and making sure that the home is comfortable year in year out. The furnace has a heating efficiency rating of 80% AFUE which is a good heating feature that remains perfect for the requirements of the home. The furnace functions in such a way that the single piece heat exchanger made of aluminized steel will be providing excellent heating performance. The multi port in-shot burners are very effective in providing the effective burning of the fuel and ensuring that heating comfort is sustained. The adaptive silicon carbide hot surface igniter is also aimed at giving a very good heating performance. The Trane XB80 gas furnace is very compact in size and measures forty inches in height by twenty eight inches depth by seventeen inches width. This will make it fit in the spaces available in the house very easily. The very common heating capacity level is the nominal 79000 Btuh but there are many other options in the heating capacity range. The design of the XB80 gas furnace is very multipurpose since even though it is factory made as an up flow application and it can be converted into a horizontal installation either the right or the left application. This furnace will rank among the very the best performing furnaces in the class of furnaces with an 80% rating and will emerge top in quality and reliability.

Trane XB80 Furnace Price

The Trane XB80 gas furnace is fairly priced and will fall in the price range below $1000 and will be a good bargain both in price and overall efficiency throughout its operation. The warranties activated upon purchase and installation of this gas furnace are the twenty year limited warranty on the heat exchanger and  a five year limited warranty on all the mechanical and functional parts. Another option on the warranty is the ten year limited warranty on all functional parts if the furnace is installed alongside the comfort system either the Xli or the XR comfort systems.

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