Trane XB1000 Manual

by Rufus on February 12, 2012

Many visitors leave comment to complain that their manual was lost and can’t troubleshoot the basic problem according to the indicator light. So today we will arrange the old models manual for you guys.

Before you download this manual pdf, we suggest you check the guide below to have a good understanding of what this manual could solve. Some readers believe this manual can solve any problem of your air conditioner or heat pump. Actually the manual just help you recognize the problem instead of solving it. If you have no idea of mechanics or HVAC, don’t repair your central ac by yourself. Finding a qualified HVAC expert is a good choice. We will give the estimates of basic problem repair in case that you get scammed by some bad dealers or contractors.

What’s in Trane XB1000 Manual

  • Trane XB1000 Problem Locate Guide
  • Trane XB1000 Warranty Details
  • Trane XB1000 Maintenance Guide
  • Location of Any Parts
  • Optional equipments(like air handler) to maximize comfort and efficiency
  • How to operate for maximized performance to low the utility bills

 Trane XB1000 Manual Download Pdf

What’s not in Trane XB 1000 Manual

Please note that the manual didn’t include the detailed Repair guide but a Recognize guide. You had better ask for help from the local HVAC qualified contractor if your air conditioner parts was shot or broken. Here we will give the estimated costs for Trane XB1000 Parts (not include the labor fee,)

Trane XB1000 Condenser Replacement : $1,570-$2500 according to the tonnage(1.5-5 ton)

Trane XB1000 Compressor Replacement : $550-$1520 according to the tonnage size(1.5-5 ton) and brands

Internal Small Parts Replacement

Trane XB1000 Fan Motor $150-320

Reversing Valve $60-185

Trane XB1000 Capacitor

Trane XB1000 capacitor $15-58 according to the mfd parameters

Trane XB1000 Circuit Boards $165-210


If you have any other question about repair or troubleshooting which can not be solved by the manual, you can send your specific question to us by email or the comment field below. Our experienced editors will reply to you in 24 hours and help you locate the problem.

How to Get the Best AC & Heat Pump Prices

Some visitors leave comments complaining that they got Scammed by some contractors. After testing and comparing for years, we have found two methods to get your lowest price according to your location(Only for US).

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You can estimate both to find compare the bids based on your location and house condition.

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