Ruud Central Air Conditioner Review

by Rufus on January 6, 2012

Ruud Central Air Conditioner PriceRuud central air conditioners have made a name for themselves in the HVAC industry in the USA. The company has been in business for many years. The products that are manufactured by them have a wide distribution around the world. The Ultra Series that is the top line of the units they manufacture have one particular model, the Ruud UAPM-JEZ Series central air conditioner which is known to be the best of their central air conditioner units. The components that they use such as the Copeland scroll compressor has been rated as the best ratings in the consumer reviews online.

Recommended Ruud Central Air Conditioners 2012

The Ruud line of recommended models is the Ruud Ultra Series 16 SEER RRRL Series which is a Gas Electric package. This is known to be one of the most efficient gas packs that are available in the market. It has a 16 SEER air conditioning performance.  The efficiency of this unit makes the operating costs lower by as much as 30%. This is when it replaces a gas packaged unit that has been in use for around 10 years. This unit is most suited for light commercial installation or for residential purpose. It is a 5 Ton Package Gas Electric air conditioner and uses R-410A Refrigerant.


A consumer had complained in a review that he had purchased a home with a Ruud unit . The unit was under warranty for five years and after around two months of the warranty expiring had detected very small leaks in the compressor and in evaporator coils after 5 years. Investigating further it was found out that after 5 years it was not worth repairing the unit and as against the lifespan of a normal central air conditioning unit that lasts for 10 years he listed this unit as being pathetic. He further recommends that people read more reviews prior to purchasing.

Prices of the Ruud Central Air Conditioner

The Ruud central air conditioning unit comes under a 5 year limited warranty period and the pricing for a 3 ton Ruud Ultra Series RRRL SERIES Package Gas and Electric costs around $2,500. This series is available from 3 to 5 ton and for the 4 ton the pricing is around $2,700 and this also operates on Gas and Electricity as well. The 5 ton Ruud Ultra Series RRRL Series Package Gas and Electric unit costs around $3,400. All these units have dual fuel capability so there is a benefit when these models are installed as you can use the most economical means of fueling the unit depending on the lifestyle that you are in. Either way you can find a way to reduce the operational cost.

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