Manuals For Old Trane Air Conditioner and Heat Pumps

by Rufus on March 4, 2012

Some homeowners complain that they lost their Trane HVAC Manuals or Specs because their units are out of date. Depending on their needs, we have arranged a few manuals for old Trane models. Don’t worry that the model given is not as exact as your model number. All the Old Trane Air conditioners can refer to Trane Xe1000 and All the Old Trane Heat Pumps can refer to Trane XL1200.

Here are the manuals for Old Trane Heat Pump and Air Conditioner Models:

Trane Xe1000 Manual for Air Conditioner

Trane XL1200 Manual for Heat Pump

Trane Xl1200 manual

What’s in Trane Xe1000 and XL1200 Manual

  • Trane Problem Locate Guide
  • Trane Warranty Details
  • Location of Any Parts
  • How to operate for maximized performance to low the utility bills
  • Optional equipments(like air handler, air exchanger) to maximize efficiency and function
  • Trane Xe1000 and XL1200 Maintenance Guide

How to Get the Best AC & Heat Pump Prices

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