Lennox SLP98V Furnace Review

by Rufus on November 20, 2011

The Lennox SLP98V furnace is top of the pack in heating appliances. The decision to buy this furnace would be the best possible and any home owner would be forever vindicated and happy to have bought the most efficient and most silent furnace in the market. The Lennox SLP98V furnace is the epitome of innovation and technology and comfort it gives is near perfect making time in house very enjoyable. This is the most recent addition to the Dave Lennox signature collection.

Lennox SLP98V Gas Furnace Features

Lennox SLP98V Price Review

Lennox SLP98V Furnace

The Lennox SLP98V furnace is an industry leader in terms of efficiency in that the 98.2% score on the AFUE way exceeds all other furnaces in the market. This is the most energy efficient and will immensely save on utility costs in the home. it has the energy star qualification for satisfying federal guidelines. The exclusive SilentComfort technology is what delivers the very silent mode in which the furnace operates even at full throttle taking it to a low that is seven times lower than the rival furnace brands. The variable capacity operation can be equated to the cruise control in vehicles which automatically makes correction on functions to ensure that fuel efficiency is maximized. This gas furnace can be combined in use with the electric heat pump due to the dual-fuel capability therefore giving better comfort and fuel efficiency whenever the switch from either heating source is made. This greatly cuts on heating costs.

The precise comfort technology will assure comfort and at the same time make savings on energy by adjusting heat and airflow capacities and the fan speed to increments within the very minute adjustments in temperature control. The fan mode when on will provide continued air filtration at a cost two thirds lower than the standard single stage furnace can offer. The technology will also acts as a moisture remover in the warm season when the machine acts as an airflow delivery system. The variable speed motor is for sole reason of balancing humidity and temperature in the home by providing silent and consistent flow of air. The AirFlex technology offers custom settings which are made at discretion to satisfactorily meet the specific heating and comfort requirements of the home throughout the year. The icomfort touch thermostat is very easy to operate and its main purpose is that of simply selecting adjustments in temperature that you desire for the home and it synchronizes with all other icomfort ready componenets to efffect the adjustment for better comfort. Other but equally important features are the self calibrating variable speed inducer for ceaner combustion and efficient heating, the stainless steel secondary heat exchanger, the zoning compatible design for comfort in four different zones, the silicon nitride igniter for long product life, the surelight control board for high reliability and efficiency and fast trouble shooting,  and the fully insulated cabinet with patented noise-reducing construction.

Lennox SLP98V Price

The Lennox SLP98V furnace first qualifies for government credit and other rebate programs and it is only wise to pick out what may suit a specific situation. Also the warranty is given upon purchase therefore have that checked out too. Either the lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger or the 10 year warranty on covered items is for the furnace. The price of the Lennox SLP98V furnace and installation is upward of $3190.

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