Lennox ML195 Furnace Review

by Rufus on November 27, 2011

The Lennox ML195 gas furnace is another furnace from the merit series of gas furnaces from the Dave Lennox brand. This category of furnaces falls second in place after the signature series and they offer great comfort in home all the while being very efficient in utilization of fuel for the heating purposes of the home. The Lennox Company has been in existence for very many years and has dedicated research and advancements in the kind of equipment they make for the heating and cooling industry. This is very evident in the quality of the gas furnaces the Lennox ML195 gas furnace included.

Lennox ML195 Features

Lennox ML195

Lennox ML195

The Lennox ML195 Gas Furnace has very exceptional features which are directly involved in the making of the heating experience in the home very comfortable. These are: the furnace is very efficient having received energy star certification for hitting efficiency levels of 92.1% AFUE which are very commendable. Very important about the overall efficiency of the furnace which is very good and saves the home owner a lump sum of money over a period of a year and even throughout its lifetime.

The furnace works mostly from the heat pump and only reverts to the furnace when function drops down to 40% ensuring comfortable heating performance. The robust blower assembly way exceeds industry standards and is very effective in the giving uniform temperatures in the home. The dual fuel capability allows it to use both electric and gas fuel sources permitting the home owner to choose between gas and electric fuel energy to use for the heating of the home and optimize on efficiency and effectiveness.

The other features are the standard features available for this category of gas furnaces and include the Duralok plus primary heat exchanger made of ArmorTuf steel which is aluminized steel for greater reliability and efficiency. Another is the stainless steel secondary steel heat exchanger that captures additional heat improving on the overall efficiency of the furnace. The very last ones are the SureLight igniter and the SureLight integrated control board which guarantees control of the furnace’s operations. The integrated control board has self diagnostic technology and allows for easy troubleshooting of the furnace in addition to offering control from a single point. The gas furnace is built to last over the years and this is confirmed by the warranties on the components like the heat exchanger with a lifetime limited warranty and the covered components of the gas furnace with a ten year limited warranty.

Cons of the Lennox ML195

The Lennox ML195 will exhibit malfunctions and even shut down completely in the scenario that the installation as well as the settings of the furnace were not done perfectly to match the load requirements. This exacts pressure and inconsiderable output requirements on components like the control board and communicating devices of the heating system.

Lennox ML195 Price

The Lennox ML195 will be very easy to find from dealerships that will also do installation of the furnace at a fee. The cost of the furnace is approximately $2459. It is therefore necessary to find the very best at the most reasonable price for both the gas furnace and the installation charges.

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