Goodman Furnace Troubleshooting

The most annoying thing is coming home on a cold evening only to find your furnace not functioning due to breakdown. In this article, we will discuss how to diagnose problems with your furnace and calling a professional before you face any inconveniences. This article should be of great help if you are using a Goodman furnace. By helping you diagnose your furnace problem, it will help you save on a lot of cash that you might use in repairing your furnace.

Get professional help for your Goodman heating system

Whenever you start experiencing problems with your Goodman furnace, it is highly recommended that you seek professional help rather than trying to solve the problem yourself. This is because you might not be familiar with fixing furnaces and trying to do so might cause great problems that will lead you incurring lots of money to repair.

Some possible problems with your Goodman furnace

  • Failure to ignite gas – your igniter might fail to light even after the draft inducer runs and instead produces a hissing sound. The inducer might have gone out but you still need to check whether it might be caused by the igniter having cracks, when checking for crack make sure you are wearing gloves. If the igniter is free of cracks, the problem could with the rollout switch or control board.
  • Draft inducer failing to start – after switching on your draft inducer, a swooshing sound is heard. If you don’t hear this, then there is a possibility that your control board is having problems. But still you need to examine for other problems like pressure and limit switches. Could this be the case, you need an electrical experienced person to check them for you.
  • Igniter stops too soon – there are a number of reasons that could be the cause of this problem. One, it could be that you thermostat heat anticipator is improperly set. Second, your gas pressure could be too much and hence makes your Goodman furnace produce a loud noise when running. Excess gas pressure causes the furnace to produce a lot of heat and automatically shuts itself down. This problem can well be fixed by an experienced HVAC technician.

When checking for your Goodman furnace status, always remember to switch off all electrical appliances and make sure that any gas systems are off.

Troubleshooting your furnace should never give you stress, if you are unable to do it, you can always call a HVAC technician to give you directions. And if that is still too much for you, a specialist can come over to your place to fix any problems you might be having with your furnace. It is always good to maintain good care for your furnace to avoid any inconvenience and also to avoid incurring lots of money in repairing.

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