How to Clean Conditioner Drain Line

by Rufus on January 1, 2012

Air Conditioner Drain is one of the most important parts of your home cooling system and its malfunctioning can highly reduce the efficiency of your AC unit. The clogging of AC drain is a more alarming condition and can cause water leakage in the line damaging the walls, ceiling and carpets in your home.

However, such problems can be avoided by simply cleaning your air conditioner condensate drain saving your valuable money being wasted on repairing it afterwards. Given below are a few tips to keep the AC drain clean making sure that it doesn’t get clogged in the future.

1.  Replace Your HVAC Filters Every Month

You will be thinking that the replacement of the HVAC filter has nothing to do with the condensate drain system but the fact is just opposite. In fact, when the filters are dirty and the minute particles of dust get accumulated on the evaporate coil, they have no way to go but into the AC Drain system. Therefore you must change your HVAC filters every month in order to keep the drain lines clean.

2.  Flush the AC Drain Twice a Year

You should open the drain line of the system at the AC side and then force the warm water through this system to flush the AC drain. You may also blow the compressed air through the drain lines for this purpose. However you may also purchase a tubing of smaller diameter than the lines diameter from a nearby Home Depot and attach it to a pump sprayer end filled with warm water. After that you can force anything out of the system by spraying the steam into the drain line.

3.  Use Nu-Calgon Condensate Tablets

These AC Condensate Tablets are small size tablets containing the harmless chemicals and act as natural cleaning agent. They are placed into evaporator coil drain pan every month and remove any dirt and sludge built up in the drain pan. They are packed in bottles and each bottle contains 200 or more tablets. Buying a large bottle will enable you to feel free for several years! If you go purchasing these Nu-Calgon Pan Pads on eBay, they will not cost you more than $25.

You can also pour a mixture of household bleach with a 50% warm water solution into the drain pan each month. This method also works well but the tabs are easier to handle with no risks of damaging anything with bleach stains.

4.  Ensure that Your Drain Flows Away From the System

It will be a surprise for you to know that a number of service calls are handled for the drain either flowing in an opposite direction or it is knocked out of the drain line. The main reason for this improper functioning of the AC Drain system is the carelessness of the person working near the unit which leads to the misalignment of the system. So, care should be taken while working in the surroundings of the AC unit to avoid any possible damage to the air conditioner drain.

5.  Get Your System Serviced Twice a Year

Your AC Contractor is the best fitted person to clean the drain lines as he is equipped with all the tools to do the job in a perfect manner. Therefore it is highly recommended to get your AC system serviced at least twice a year and then you need not worry about the leakage and clogging of the AC drain system going forward!

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