Frequency of Changing Furnace Air Filter

by Rufus on December 3, 2011

Furnace Filter Changing

The frequency of changing furnace air filter is a common question among homeowners. Because this is a typical question, several answers or opinions have been made available. However the answers do not usually agree with one another and so instead of bringing in light to the problem, these have caused more difficulty.

To answer the question of changing filter regularity we have to go back to the basic. What do air filters do in the first place? Yes, these things function in cleaning the air free from contaminants that can result to production of poor air quality and damage to the unit as well. Presence of particulate matter in the furnace can damage the fan and the heating coil which are very vital on its operation. And by sorting out dust, pollen, spores and microorganisms, filter can ensure high air quality that can in turn promote better health condition of the family members who are suffering from allergic reactions to these air contaminants.

During the filtration process performed by the furnace filter it can become clogged with particles that can lead to increased resistance to airflow. Resistance to airflow on the other hand is very detrimental on the efficiency of the unit. Since more effort should be exerted by the furnace to force air through the filter, more energy will be consumed at the same time the extra load may lead to quicker deterioration of the unit.

With the basic information properly in place now, we are ready to decide on the frequency of changing furnace air filter. So how frequent should we change the filters to prevent damage to the unit and production of poor air quality?

The answer to this can be right at the box of your heating system unit. Makers of heating and cooling system usually provide recommended regularity of changing filters. If this is not present with the unit, this can be accessed through the maker’s website. Typically the type and make of filters determine the regularity of their replacement or cleaning. For the fiberglass or electrostatic filter that are disposable, the time span of their optimum functioning is a month so they have to be replaced in a monthly basis. The pleated filters on the other hand display more lasting trait since their service can extend from three months to as much as one year.

The prevailing frequencies of changing the air filters based on the claim of some people are every third month and one month. Although others still believe that filters can be left to function for as much as half or even one year and the need to change it will only depend on its condition. The very long service period of filters will absolutely require replacement the soonest possible time in this case.

In purchasing air filters, it is better if you buy one pack instead of per piece. You will get more savings not to mention having extra one all the time especially when the sudden need to replace the existing filter arise. It will also be very advantageous on your part to note the date of filter replacement right in front of the filter itself to ensure it is well monitored. And for easy disposal save the plastic casing of the new filter which you can use to set out the old one.

It can be very confusing but remember that it is better to be vigilant than regretful. The reasonable price of furnace filters can aid you in staying at the safe side. Avoid having an inefficient furnace with poor air quality by changing the furnace early on and in a regular interval.

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