Carrier Infinity 25vna0 Greenspeed Heat Pump Review

by Rufus on December 8, 2011

Carrier Infinity 25vna0 Greenspeed PriceCarrier Infinity 25vna0 Greenspeed Heat Pump is in the manufacturing category of Carrier’s Infinity series heat pump that includes the Greenspeed. Its has variable speed technology so the heating and cooling mechanism of the heat pump is very precise It is an economical product while superior in its delivery of the required temperature. The amount of air that can be handled by the heat pump as well as the efficiency of the product matters very much. The efficiency mainly depends on the SEER and the HSPF value. SEER is what is known as Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and HSPF is Heating Seasonal Performance factor.

There are a number of heat pumps and many different models that Carrier has brought out in to the market under the Greenspeed intelligence range, and the different models come under the Infinity series, Comfort/Base series heat pump, performance/comfort series and the Performance compact heat pump.  Out of the many models, the Infinity type of product models 25HNA9, 25HNB9 have received the prestigious energy saving rating from Energy Star. The models also received the best buy award.

Carrier 25vna0 Greenspeed  Features

All the heat pumps manufactured by Carrier come with the energy saving and environmentally friendly Puron refrigerant. Puron is well accepted as the environmentally friendly chemical that will not harm the ozone layer. It has received approval from the US environment protection agency. Due to its ability to control the humidity levels and the temperature, it has become an accepted heat pump by many. With the Silencer system II TM the unit operates fully silent. The system is fully protected with the Weather Armor Tm system. It is available in Models 25HCB3, 25HCB6, 25HCC5, 25HPA5 and 25HPA6.

Carrier Infinity 25vna0 Greenspeed Price

Carrier heat pump prices vary according to different models and according to the SEER rating. The Carrier Infinity 25vna0 Greenspeed Heat Pump having 16.5 SEER and 9.5 HSPF are prices from $3,500 and can go up to $12,000 with the installation included. The sound that is produced is relatively very low and is only 68 dB and when you purchase it you also qualify for the 10 year limited warranty package offered from Carrier. If you are looking to purchase a heat pump that consumes less energy and is environmentally friendly then the heat pump prices offered by Carrier cover all these and more. The models that are priced come with differences in Heat efficiency and cooling efficiency and the quietness levels of the models so for a basic model the price would differ.

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