American Standard Freedom 95 Gas Furnace Review

by Rufus on November 30, 2011

The American standard freedom 95 Gas Furnace is referred to in a different name as the American Standard Platinum ZV Furnace Freedom 95 gas furnace and is a very high quality furnace from this brand and as well as in the heating and cooling industry. The furnace has all the qualities to make it a perfect fit for the heating requirements the home giving great comfort and uncompromised comfort. These are in line with the mission at the American standard bran d of getting the very best technology out to their clients.

American Standard Freedom 95 Features

Freedom 95 Gas Furnace

Freedom 95 Gas Furnace Installation

The American Standard Freedom 95 gas furnace has very good features which mean that the home will be very comfortable; a place that you will always want to be in. the furnace is a variable speed operation furnace that will be in a position to consistently give comfortable heating performance despite the prevailing weather conditions outside. The furnace can be committed to working at 100% to deliver very quick warming of the house but this is out of choice. The furnace retains the very good performance to sustain uniform heating.

The furnace has an efficiency rating of 96.7% AFUE that is at the near top of the pecking order of gas furnaces with very superior efficiency rating. This kind of efficiency means the heating energy costs will be slashed down considerably meaning that the quoted percentage of fuel goes directly to the heating of the home. The furnace has a two-stage gas valve to improve on efficiency and heating performance giving consistent warmth in the house. It runs at a low 65% most of the time which is a contributing factoe to the efficiency.

The variable speed blower motor is one addition to the furnace that will be working to improve the comfort of the home via distribution of heated air, its performance at a low operation allows for the control of humidity and the improvement of the quality of air in the home since both the humidifier and the air filter work best at the low speed operation. The furnace has the comfort –r technology which permits coupling of the furnace to a central air conditioner improving on the humidity control. The primary and the secondary heat exchangers are all designed in a manner that they will deliver effective heating by capturing heat and minimizing heat loss. The furnace has a versatile construction that will come with different installation modes featuring the up flow and down flow models. The most unique feature with this furnace is the AccuLink technology for communication between components giving superlative performance.

Cons of Freedom 95 Gas Furnace

The American Standard Freedom 95 gas furnace has no known disadvantage associated with its function but what is known for fact is that the parts for the furnace are very expensive and it s maintainenace can get akkwardly out of hand. Caution is thus taken right from its installation right through its lifetime.

Freedom 95 Gas Furnace Model List

AUH1B040A9241A     2 Ton    38,000 BTU
AUH1B060A9361A     3 Ton    57,000 BTU
AUH1B080A9421A     3.5 Ton    76,000 BTU
AUH1C080A9601A     5 Ton    76,000 BTU
AUH1C100A9481A     4 Ton    92,150 BTU
AUH1D100A9601A     5 Ton    92,150 BTU
AUH1D120A9601A     5 Ton    104,500 BTU
ADH1B040A9241A     2 Ton    38,000 BTU
ADH1B065A9421A     3.5 Ton    57,000 BTU
ADH1C085A9481A     4 Ton    76,000 BTU
ADH1D110A9601A     5 Ton    104,500 BTU

American Standard Freedom 95 Prices

The American Standard Freedom 95 gas furnace has fair price quotes as compares to the standard furnace which is worth the money since it packs the best technology and efficient performance. The average price is $1799.

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