Amana AMH95 Gas Furnace Review

by Rufus on December 2, 2011

The Amana AMH95 Gas Furnace fits in place as the gas furnace that will comfortably meet the heating requirements in the home and as well save on utility bills especially in these tough economic times. At the high efficiency, it will allow the homeowner make the desired saving all through it lifelong performance. The furnace is from the Amana brand which puts into their furnaces the best technology available and that which will improve the comfort inside the home.

Amana AMH95 Gas Furnace Feature

Amana AMH95 Price Review

Amana AMH95 Gas Furnace

The Amana 95% AFUE AMH95 Gas Furnace is a furnace with very superb Features and yet it is affordable. The affordability is extended to its performance since it carries an efficiency of 95% AFUE, a rating which earns it an energy star rating and gives a reduction of up to 20% on energy bills. The furnace is a two stage operation meaning that it is in a position to provide consistent heating performance irrespective of the prevalent weather conditions. It will run on the low stage operation most of the time that will ensure that efficiency is sustained. The TwinComfort technology which as the name suggests is aimed at greater comfort in the home since it will give balanced heating of the house in addition to the quieter starts. The heat exchanger has the dual diameter tubular construction and is made from stainless steel to enhance its durability as well as allow it to be very effective in heating.

The variable speed fan has very efficient and quieter operation in the heating of the home. Next there is the SureStart silicon nitride hot surface igniter which offers very great reliability and long lasting performance. It has an onboard control board for the diagnostic purposes and monitoring of system components and function. The furnace comes in many available heating capacities that will satisfy the unique heating needs of the home. Another feature is the auto-comfort mode that enhances dehumidification. All the listed features are all tested at the factory before the furnace is shipped out for sale. The cabinet is made of heavy gauge steel and is resistant to corrosion owing to the paint coat.

Cons of the Amana AMH95

The Amana 95% AFUE AMH95 Gas Furnace has numerous many good features that it becomes practically impossible to point out any disadvantage that it has. The only disadvantage is that it is not the premier-tier gas furnace like those of Lennox and Carrier brands but it ranks up there among the best. All other minor problems are always associated with the installation.

Amana AMH95 Gas Furnace Price

The Amana 95% AFUE AMH95 Gas Furnace is a very affordable furnace and has an average price quote of $1099 for the furnace without the accompanying installation charges. Effort should be made to find a very good dealer who will also be sensibly priced when compared to other offerings in the market. It has a lifetime warranty oh the heat exchanger and a ten year warranty on the components.

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